FRIDAY 22 April 2022


Commercial Landscape Company

In this category, we’re looking to highlight and praise the companies that build and sculpt the public areas the population enjoys; from city centres, to office grounds, to communal areas within housing developments and anything in between.

Design & Build Company 

In this incredibly competitive market, we are looking for the company that provides a top-quality service plus a little something else that makes them stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to be the biggest business to impress our judges, they want you to show how you run your business to the highest standard. We want to see examples of commitment to the industry, staff development opportunities and client testimonials.

Garden Design Company 

Created to celebrate garden design studios. If you are running a successful Garden Design business then, enter this category and shout about it to your industry peers and colleagues and get the recognition that you deserve

Trade Nursery of the Year

Considerations for this category may include but are not limited to; disease prevention, impact on the environment, sustainability, client relationships and retention and a proven track record of a well-run and striving business.

Supplier and service provider

Quality offering, strong relationships and staff retention are some of the points the panel of judges will be looking for in this category. We’re not necessarily looking for the most well-known or highest grossing company but the company that offers the best value for money and has earned themselves an impeccable reputation within the industry.

Sustainable Company of the Year

Our second new category for 2021 is the Sustainable Company of the Year category. A vital element of any business, this is to reward the greenest, most sustainable-conscious businesses in the UK’s landscaping sector. The judges will be looking for…

Employer of the Year

This category incorporates all aspects of being a well-respected employer. We want to celebrate the slick and professional recruitment processes, positive staff experiences and exceptional training and development opportunities as well as focusing on the employment of apprentices and their retention.

Landscape Company under £1m Turnover

This category has been created with the intention of giving the smaller landscape companies a presence against the larger multi-million-pound companies. Running a successful business is not necessarily about the number of staff you employ or the amount of money you turnover, It’s about your commitment to the industry, relationship with suppliers and training and development of staff.

Landscape Company £1m-£5m Turnover

This category was created to celebrate the business achievements of those with a turnover between £1m-£5m. Judges will be looking for examples of constant brief fulfilment, relationships with the industry, staff morale and prospective development opportunities.

Landscape Company over £5m

This category has been created for the behemoths of the industry. Judges will want to see examples of in-depth staff training and development, tight relationships with suppliers and the willingness to give something back to the industry.

Landscape Architecture Practice over 10 staff

This category is for the landscape architect practice that can demonstrate continued good business practices, strong industry relationships and an invaluable and positive workforce.

Grounds Maintenance Company

We are looking for the unsung heroes of our industry who consistently undertake the crucial everyday maintenance tasks, which many take for granted, with the upmost precision and pride. The judges will be looking at your staff training and development, investment in apprentices and corporate social responsibility.

Industry Collaboration

Partnerships are everywhere within our industry. This award is to highlight where partnerships have succeeded. The judges will be looking at examples on how a partnership has helped you – whether it’s enabled you to save money, deliver a better service or complete a job, had a major impact on the way you work or enhanced your work in some other way.


This category is for the landscape architect practice that can demonstrate continued good business practices, strong industry relationships and an invaluable and positive workforce.

Arboriculture Company 

We firmly believe there is a gap in the market for business related arboriculture awards, and therefore feel this category will enable arboriculture companies wanting to highlight their success to do so. Entrants to this category must be able to demonstrate examples of commitment to the industry, staff retention and morale and constant good business practices.